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Third Person toggle (not in Competitive or Esports) “We are experimenting with a user toggle between Third Person and First Person camera. The 3P|1P toggle is available in Casual Queues only and also as an option for players creating Custom Games. Expect a player survey regarding this feature and it may be refined or removed in a future release.“ Loading Screen additions Upcoming Paladins Premier League matches Game Mode tips Removed Crowd Control overlay in First Person Added Card cooldowns on HUD Added additional audio for the following Dances: Lex, Pip, Sha Lin, and Ying Mastery: Barik, Pip and Seris Emotes: Talus Default and Home Run BUG FIXES Addressed an issue with Champions loading in without weapons. Fixed rarity glow & Announcer for cards/cosmetics not playing when opening Radiant Chests Loudness level adjustments for Evie Bewitched, Androxus Shattermaw, and chat notification. Fixed Troublemaker Evie’s voice from being heard from too far away. Fixed max HP values not returning to expected values after max is changed. Fixed hit sound playing when loading into match. Spectator Fixed issues camera falling through world Fixed Barik death perspective locked to ragdoll camera Fixed voice lines playing twice Fixed Ruckus 1p projectiles only coming out of one gun Fixed issues with Beam weapons not rendering correctly in Spectator (and kill cam). Fixed an issue preventing the heal feed from working.